Partners in transfer of technology

Biosystems research will be applied in numerous areas, for example to elucidate the multiple causes of cancer and metabolic diseases. The goal of optimizing clinical diagnostics and prognostics is achieved through systemic analysis of cell division and cell death regulation combined with human genetics and epidemiological methods. New developments in stem cell research and the investigation of new possibilities in cell therapy and personalized medicine are anticipated. Further expectations include the advance of biotechnological methods in the area of white biotechnology such as pathway engineering for genetic change of prokaryotic organisms in order to optimize the production of target substances. Currently, the excellence cluster m4 for personalized medicine funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is being established in Munich under the auspices of BioM. The Bavarian Center for Molecular Biosystems will collaborate in multiple ways with the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


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Science meets School

The new didactic cooperation "Science meets School" is organized by the research networks BioSysNet and BayGene as well as the network organization BioM. The project takes place in collaboration with all scientific institutions in the wider areas of Munich and Erlangen-Nuremberg. "Science meets School" reaches out to teachers and students of Bavarian senior high schools, with the long-term goal of bringing young people closer to science, conveying its practical relevance and creating enthusiasm and passion for natural sciences. Based on the slogan "meet a scientist", teachers can easily book scientist or representatives of the industry online for curriculum-oriented workshops, excursions and/or lectures. The type and duration of the cooperation can then be determined individually between scienticst and teacher based on the choice of topic and availability of time.


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The company 2bind was founded by Prof. Dr. Gernot Längst, whose work is being co-financed by the research network BayGeneThe 2bind GmbH is a service provider in the field of biophysical analyses of molecular interactions with its headquarter in Regensburg, Germany. They offer molecular interaction analyses based on the patented MicroScale Thermophoresis technology (MST) of NanoTemper Technologies. This innovative technique allows them to study interactions fast, immobilization-free with high sensitivity and accuracy at low sample consumption. 2bind customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as scientific researchers. 

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The company siTOOLs was founded by Prof. Dr. Gunter Meister, whose research group is being funded within BioSysNet as an associated senior project. The siTOOLs expertise is the design and production of siRNA pools, called siPOOLs, for gene knock-down experiments in all areas of life-science research. siTOOLs provides over 10 years experience in high-content RNAi screening, gene knock-down technology and the design and production of siPOOLs. Their aim is to help researchers to produce reliable and clean phenotypic data. 

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