Core Center

The Core Center of the Bavarian Research Center for Molecular Biosystems builds on the Gene Center of LMU Munich, which was established in 1984 and can thereby refer on the capability of the campus Großhadern/Martinsried and the cluster of excellence “Center for Integrated Protein Science” (CIPSM). It reinforces the Campus Großhadern/Martinsried as an innovative research location in Bavaria. Key aspects of the Core Center include the promotion of molecular biosystems research, the development of high-tech platforms and the training of interdisciplinary and systemic thinking researchers. It serves as a coordination site both for local and Bavaria-wide activities as well as for linking academia and industry. The scientific background is the fact that life sciences are entering a new era. For the first time, components of living cells can be determined quantitatively and their interactions can be analyzed. This allows for the modeling of biological systems and thus leads to a deeper understanding of life processes. Biosystems research shall enhance better prediction and control of changes in medically relevant processes, such as metabolic processes, cell growth processes or drug impact. This way an important contribution is made to the development of new therapeutic approaches. Biosystems research lays the foundation for new biotechnological methods, cell therapies and a personalized medicine.


The Core Center is buttressed by the new research building for molecular biosystems. It will be built by 2016 on the biomedicine campus Munich-Großhadern/Martinsried, close to numerous natural scientific and medical institutions in the Southwest of Munich. The funding of 28.6 million € is provided in equal shares by the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Government as a result of a successful competitive procedure. The research activities in this new research building will focus on the area of molecular systems biology. The goal is to grasp biological systems as a whole and understand cellular processes on a molecular level. In order to master this challenge, various scientific disciplines work together at the Center. Through biochemical and theoretical computer-based research the following core question of life science shall be answered: the regulation of the gene. The new building is supported by internationally renowned research personalities, amongst them Ulrike Gaul and Dirk Trauner who have returned from top universities in the US as well as Patrick Cramer, head of the Gene Center LMU. It will accomodate central groups of the cluster of excellence CIPSM and will support the work of the excellence cluster significantly, vice versa the Research Center will benefit from CIPSM. The actual construction planning has started in 2011 with an estimated completion of the state-of-the-art building in 2016. In addition to scientific devices, the research building will include a visiting center, coordination offices as well as event locations and a cafeteria.


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Location of the new research building at Campus Großhadern/Martinsried

Map of the Campus Großhadern/Martinsried